Our Vision for Maryland


I unapologetically support a Medicare for All solution to ensure that all people have access to quality healthcare.

The Affordable Care Act was a historic first step towards providing all Americans with access to healthcare. I personally have benefited as a consumer on the Maryland Healthcare Exchange. However, the ACA fell short of taking bold action to reduce cost, ensure continuity of care, eradicate inequities across the income divide and extend health care to all Americans. The ACA was a health insurance based model of care. Health insurance companies still make decisions that place profit over people and millions of people are still uninsured and under-insured. I support Congresswoman Jayapal's Medicare for All legislation introduced in 2019. For more on this bill click here.


Housing is a human right.

Affordable housing is one of the most pressing issues in our community here in the 5th district of Maryland. Many parts of our district are absorbing large numbers of Washingtonians displaced by gentrification and other parts of our district are building housing too quickly to be sustained by the market. The first bill I will introduce as your Congresswoman will place a moratorium on the closure of public housing units. Fixed units of public housing creates market stabilization. Housing vouchers perpetuate increases in rent and destabilizes community. We should not be destroying a single public housing unit while there are homeless families in America. To see additional legislation we support click here.


Investment in education starting with universal Pre-K at 3 years old to grade 12, to college and beyond is a national, moral, & economic imperative.

I believe in access to quality early childhood development facilities, the full funding of the ADA and IDEA for students with disabilities, and tuition free college and trade school. As a victim of a for profit higher education institution, I am specifically concerned about the welfare of veteran students. Both for-profit and traditional universities often fail to meet the needs of our veterans as they return home to pursue their education. To see a bill I would like to co-sponsor on the needs of veteran students click here.

Climate Crisis

We need a Green New Deal and we cannot afford to wait.

Carbon emissions and the burning of fossil fuels are warming our climate, causing more violent storms, creating pollution in the air we breathe, plants we consume, water we drink, and food we eat. To read more about the Green New Deal click here.

Civil Rights

We are all endowed with inalienable rights. The federal government is charged with protecting and promoting our rights and our dignity as Americans.

Congressional oversight is vital to ensuring all people are able to thrive free from discrimination. This covers many aspects of everyday life including for protections for students subject to the School to Prison Pipeline, workers and people from all marginalized communities.As a teacher that witnessed the use of suspension all too frequently, I support legislation that strengthens the oversight of Congress on the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Under Obama Era guidance, the OCR conducted thorough investigations of civil rights complaints including looking at district wide data for similarly situated students. This allowed for findings of systemic discrimination and remedies for all students impacted by discriminatory practices. Trump's Department of Education dismantled this practice. I support Congresswoman Maxine Water's legislation examining the practices of the OCR. To read this bill click here.

Criminal Justice

Our criminal justice system needs to be centered around public safety, rehabilitation and prevention --not mass incarceration.

Our criminal justice system too often fails to prosecute the robber barons of Wall Street and punishes people suffering from addiction with no regard for their humanity. In order to de-incarcerate our prisons we must engage in thoughtful, research driven analysis and execute bold new policies with the same speed previous generations worked to create the mass incarceration prison industrial complex. Criminal justice should be centered around employing the best practices to achieve public safety for all Americans. In order to institute policies that promote safety we must end cash bail, repeal mandatory minimum sentencing statutes, de-privatize prisons and vendors servicing prisons including telephone companies, medical providers, retailers and privately run prisons and treat the root causes of unlawful behavior including addition, mental illness, inadequate housing, transition services for homeless and fostered youth and trauma. For more info on legislation I would co-sponsor click here.